Jack Shelbourn | Director of Photography


Jack is an experienced Director of Photography for Film & TV Drama. Jack has shot Short films across the UK & in Italy (FRAMEd, 2012), and feature films in London & in Budapest (ACT/OR, 2013). Working with full camera, lighting & grip crews, Jack enjoys being surrounded by talented & creative people, working together to create the best images for the film & the director.

With experience shooting Drama, Comedy, Horror & Science Fiction as well as working with a broad collection of directors & producers, Jack has developed his skills & shooting style to be very reactive to any situation he is given. Shooting full camera & lighting packages, or shooting guerrilla style with minimal kit & crew.

Jack prefers to shoot reactively to scripts, instead of rehearsed. Getting a natural feel as well as a rougher style of filming. This is achieved with hand held and unlocked tripod work, natural lighting via big soft sources, & using grip kit such as Dolly’s & Jibs. This isn’t to say Jack can’t provide composed and rehearsed shots, when needed, with vast experience shooting many different styles and lighting styles that can match any director & producer’s requirements. What ever your story needs…


Jack takes his experiences, lighting skills & camera work from his Film and Drama work and brings that directly into his Commercial, Fashion & Music Video projects. Jack has Directed the Photography on National Televison Commercials, Web based advertising, Corporate videos, Educational videos, Cookery videos & Music videos.

For Fashion Jack has Directed the Photography on Fashion promotional videos as well as shooting coverage of London Fashion Week, including coverage for L’Oreal and at Preen, Felder & Felder and Doung Lang shows. Additionally Jack has filmed other live events, such as football matches, extreme sports & filmed up Ben Nevis.

Jack understands that the commercial & fashion world is very different from the feature & short film industry. With most shoots often being of ‘one man band’ style, and with tight shooting schedules. Jack takes this on board & has worked to bring the high quality shooting styles developed on his film projects & bringing them to his Commercial & Fashion work. So the same great images, but on a budget & on time.



  • Sony FS700
  • Odyssey 7Q 2K/4K Recorder
  • Canon 5D MKiii


  • Samyang Prime Set:
  • -14mm T3.2
  • -24mm T1.5
  • -35mm T1.5
  • -50mm T1.5
  • -85mm T1.5
  • -135mm T2.2
  • Zooms:
  • -Canon 24-105mm L F4
  • Macro adapters for the 135mm


  • Soft Lights:
  • -1x Dedolight DLH4x150s 600w soft light
  • -1x Dedolight DLH1x150s tungsten soft light
  • -1x Small Soft Box
  • -1x Medium Soft Box
  • Hard Lights:
  • -3x 150w Dedo’s with lens and Gobo’s
  • LED Lights:
  • -3x IKAN BiColour LED Pannels
  • -Stands, Gels, Flags, Nets, Silks, Clamps, Magic arms…


  • Movcam 305-1704 FS700 Rig
  • Wooden Camera, Leather hand Grips
  • Shoot 35 Matte Box & Follow Focus

Film, TV, Fashion, Corporate or Commercial; whatever the project, Jack has the experience & the equipment to bring your vision to life. Jack can come on board with any of the above equipment, or is perfectly capable as a DOP or Camera Operator in a Project with rented or provided equipment. With experience with the Arri Alexa, RED Epic, Red One, Canon C300, Sony FS700, Sony F5 & F55, and Canon DSLRs. Having also spent time as an editor, Jack understands how to shoot for an edit & tight deadlines.

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